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Many of your customers own homes that came with preset kitchen cabinet configurations. They didn’t get customization options the first time around. Now they’ve come to you wondering how they can make their kitchens special. Can they change their cabinet configuration? Can they change materials or colors?

Modern kitchen cabinet trends give your customers plenty of options. Incorporate the trends listed below into your remodeling repertoire to ensure your clientele get the kitchens they’ve always dreamed of.

1. Create a Relaxed Atmosphere with Muted Color Palettes

Some of your customers may still want bold, strong colors in their kitchens. But the latest trends call for more calming cabinet tones like tinted whites and grays. You should also add pastel blues and grayish greens to your list of available options. These colors allow your clientele to create a more muted, clean effect in their kitchens so they don’t feel overwhelmed by strong tones.

2. Keep Devices and Appliances Charged With Outlets Inside of Drawers and Cabinets

Ground-level cabinets can have outlets inside them so your customers have fast access to power. Additionally, when your clientele have outlets inside their cabinets, they can store appliances in their cupboards instead of on the countertop. As a result, their kitchens will look more sleek, clean and modern instead of cluttered.

3. Protect Electronics with Built-In Tablet and Mobile Phone Stands

Your clientele use tablets and cell phones in the kitchen more than ever before. Some even use these devices in place of cookbooks. However, unlike cookbooks, these devices can sustain permanent damage when covered with food or water. Give your customers a way to protect their devices with built-in stands.

4. Make the Most of the Space with an Increased Number of Built-In Appliances

Your customers want their kitchens to look as clean (not cluttered) as possible. Help your clientele save space by adding built-in appliances to your cabinet configuration options. Add options for specialized appliances, like wine coolers and coffee machines, in addition to the usual appliances like dishwashers and ovens.

5. Increase Convenience with Knife Blocks and Spice Racks inside Drawers and Cabinets

Again, current trends dictate that your clientele want to have as little on the countertop as possible. So give your customers convenient places to store their belongings inside their cabinets. Cupboards could hold built-in knife blocks or spice racks. Cupboards could also include places to hang pots, pans and spoons. Ask your customers which of these features they’d appreciate most.

6. Improve Visibility with Cabinet Lighting

Overhead lighting and stovetop lighting doesn’t cut it anymore. Your customers want more options, such as lighting that lines the underside of their cupboards. This cabinet lighting allows your clientele to directly illuminate the countertop where they work, and increased visibility leads to increased safety. Your customers might also appreciate muted lighting to lead the way toward late-night snacks.

7. Add Glossiness and Shininess for a Hint of Glamour

The hottest trends include textures, such as glossy or shiny surfaces.

8. Create Contrasting Textures with Cabinets and Cabinet Doors

Your customers likely won’t want their entire kitchen to be glossy. They’ll want contrasting textures-perhaps even within the cabinets themselves. The doors could have a different texture than the box around them to create a unique and attractive contrast. A glossy exterior could pair with a wood door. Again, ask your clientele what they would prefer.

Modern trends give you even more ways to make your customers happy. For more tips on cabinet customization, check out our other blogs.