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Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve been thinking about updating or remodeling your kitchen, more than likely your biggest concern is what type of changes to make to your cabinets. Not only are cabinets the focal point of the kitchen, but they’re also the most expensive element to consider. So, it’s a good idea to thoroughly assess your needs and preferences before making any final decisions on cabinetry choices. The ideal scenario is to have cabinets that offer solid functional utility while also being visually appealing. Below is a list of essential cabinetry ideas that will help give your kitchen a more modern and organized look and feel.

Drawers in base cabinets

A set of base cabinets with drawers can do wonders toward keeping your under-the-counter storage space more organized. Drawers are extremely flexible in terms of what they can hold, and they enable you to find what you’re looking for without having to squat and search underneath the counters to see what you’ve got. For example, a typical three-drawer stack will feature one small drawer on the top (for silverware, small utensils, etc.) and then two larger drawers on the bottom (for pots, pans, lids, etc.).

Not only do drawers provide functional benefits, but their clean lines are a good aesthetic complement to a wide variety of kitchen styles (traditional, contemporary, rustic, etc.). Equipping your kitchen with a good set of three-drawer base cabinets is a smart move toward maximizing your cabinet space and functionality.

Vertical dividers in base cabinets

Vertical dividers in base cabinets are also a great way to conserve space and organize your kitchen equipment in a way that makes everything easily accessible. If you’ve ever had to work with base cabinets that had no internal dividers or shelving, you know how easy it is for things to get chaotic underneath the sink and countertops. Pots, lids and trays will eventually be piled up on top of each other, and pulling any one item out could mean risking an avalanche of kitchen equipment spilling out onto the floor. Vertical dividers will help you arrange all of those large, flat, non-stackable items in a logical manner, making everything easy to reach and pull out when needed.

Pull-out trash bin

Let’s face it–sometimes a trash bin can be an eyesore, even if it matches the kitchen decor. A much better move would be to install a pull-out trash bin that enables you to hide this necessary but sometimes unsightly (and smelly) piece of equipment. The average kitchen trash bin is usually no more than 18″ wide, so your pull-out trash disposal unit won’t take up a lot of space. If you want to take it up a notch, get a double unit so that you can have one bin for regular garbage and one for recycling.
The beauty of a natural wood surface can add character to a kitchen or bathroom space, which makes butcher block countertops an ideal choice for either room. They also work well with a variety of cabinet styles and kitchen or bathroom decor.

Corner storage

One of the most useful corner storage units is known as a “Lazy Susan,” which is basically a two-tiered carousel that you can install in your corner cabinet space. A typical Lazy Susan will rotate 360 degrees, so that you can turn the unit to reach and pull out any kitchen-related item you may need. This definitely beats having to reach deep into the cabinets, pushing things aside or pulling things out just to get to the item you’re looking for. You can also look at installing corner drawers, which conform to the triangular shape of the corner and have an “L”-shaped front. Typical sizes for corner drawers range between 39 to 45 inches wide, and can extend up to 30 inches in depth. While corner drawers carry a higher price tag, they can definitely add a unique visual quality to your cabinetry.

Roll-out shelves and baskets

Why reach in when you can roll out? Installing roll-out shelves and baskets in your kitchen cabinets or pantry will ensure that everything will stay in its proper place, offering easy access when needed. Roll-out shelves and baskets of varying sizes and depths will accommodate a variety of kitchen storage needs.

Pull-out spice drawers

Instead of storing your spices on a wall-mounted rack, make them more accessible by installing pull-out spice drawer. This will keep them handy during those busy food preparation times, and it will also protect them from light, heat and moisture, all of which can lessen the flavor and potency of the seasonings.

There are a myriad of possibilities when it comes to remodeling or upgrading your kitchen cabinetry. As you consider your specific needs and budget, keep the above ideas in mind to help you create your ideal modern kitchen space.

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