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Dayton Daily News – by Jason Roberson – Mar 18, 2004

Company expands to customer’s wants, needs. Miamisburg-Managers of Nisbet Brower Building Solutions, a supplier of materials to builders, said Wednesday they’re close to completing a $1.4 million, 190,000-square-foot headquarters in Sharonville that will have enough space to bring manufacturing, distribution and sales operations under one roof. In addition to the new headquarters, Nisbet Brower is realigning its Miamisburg office to broaden product replica omega watches offerings in the Dayton area. “These moves are critical to our growth and success… in Dayton, where we have a tremendous customer base from the acquisition of Brower Products”, said Mark Rippe, President and Chief Executive of Nisbet Brower. Bill Brower, Senior Vice President of Nisbet Brower, said the company had more than $34 million in sales last year with the help of longstanding customers in the Miami Valley. Nisbet Browers five-year forcast is $50 million in sales, Brower said. After steering his company for more than 20 years, Brower sold Dayton-based Brower Omega Replica Watches products in 2000 to Rippe. Brower said over the years he’s learned the importance of meeting the changing needs of customers, and Nisbet Brower is prepared to make necessary adjustments to grow even more. In 1977, Brower and his brother Dan purchased D&B Gross Co., a small countertop manufacturing, and had $400,000 in sales that year. A few years later, the Browers bought Top Design Inc., a cabinet designing company. Offices were established in Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati. In 1991, the Browers bought the Pease Co., a 100-year-old fourth generation manufacturer of countertop products. The Browers were attracted to the Pease Co. because it sold items from Merillat, the largest manufacturer of kitchen cabinets at the time. “We began to bundle kitchen and bath products for cabinetry and counter tops”, Brower said. In 1998, a pivotal year, Dan Brower wanted to leave the business. Bill and Dan Jr. Dan Brower’s son, faced growing competition. They had options of buying another company to strengthen their market presence or partnering with a similar company ready to expand. After more than a year of searching for, they sold Brower Products in 2000, which had grown to a $17 million company. Dan Brower said Nisbet Brower must be more aggressive in adding new services, such as product installation, to assist homebuilders. “The labor sector is getting harder and harder to control”, Dan Brower said. “We need to support the builder to where he’ll only have to make one call. In addition, today’s homeowners are remodeling more than customers of the late 1970s and they prefer one-stop shopping venues, Dan Brower said. Moreover, builders are giving homebuyers more allowances to shop for their own cabinetry and countertop options. In response, Nisbet Brower’s Miamisburg showroom at 308 E. Mound Avenue is being redesigned to offer updated tile, cabinetry and countertop designs. “Homeowners have more options”, Dan Brower said, “so we have to adjust”.