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Interior of a new home under construction, with stairs to the left and an opening for a fireplace in the background. Horizontal shot.

As a builder or contractor, the last thing you would want is to receive a callback from a client regarding a problem with the construction of their home. By paying close attention to detail and utilizing quality framing methods, you can prevent common errors that compromise the quality of the home’s construction. Below are eight common framing problems, as well as some tips on how to prevent them from occurring.

  1. Poor infrastructure design.

In order for a home’s framing structure to properly do its job, it has to be well-designed and adequately planned. The building materials and construction experts at Nisbet-Brower in Cincinnati, OH use a highly effective I-joist program that lends superior stability, strength and consistency to the framework of a home, so that common problems such as warping, twisting, buckling, or shrinking are prevented.

  1. Wall sheathing is installed over an inadequate number of spans.

One simple span is usually not enough to provide adequate support for wall sheathing. Support is much more reliable when sheathing is installed over three supports (at minimum), or at least two or more spans.

  1. Glulam beams are installed incorrectly.

You have to pay special attention to the manner in which glulam beams are installed, so that you won’t accidentally install them upside down or in an otherwise incorrect manner. Glulam beams are marked with a distinctive “TOP” stamp on the top lamination, which means that this end of the beam should be facing up when installed. Any other configuration can cause excessive flexural tension, which compromises the strength of the structure.

  1. The floor joists are spaced in an inconsistent manner.

This is often discovered once the homeowner takes a simple walk across one of the floors in their home. If the floor simply doesn’t feel right, you will more than likely get a callback as a result. The best way to take the bounce (or other undesirable traits) out of floors is through proper deflection; you can achieve this by using Nisbet Brower’s solid I-joist reinforcement methods.

  1. Improper floor gluing methods.

Perhaps the most common flooring complaint among homeowners is squeaking, which can definitely be a nuisance. Make sure that the gluing and nailing methods are adequate and consistent across the flooring system.

  1. Panels are installed with improper spacing.

Bear in mind that wood panels are regularly subject to expanding or contracting based on moisture or humidity levels. This can cause buckling, which can reduce performance and compromise the structural integrity of the sheathing application. Panel edge joints and ends need to be spaced by at least 1/8″ in order to accommodate this common variable.

  1. Moisture prevention measures are inadequate.

Once moisture gets within the building envelope, it can wreak havoc on structures; this is especially true if the framing wasn’t built in a manner that can accommodate proper drying if moisture does find its way inside. To prevent common moisture-related problems, make sure to give close attention to important moisture prevention elements such as flashings, housewraps and shingle underlayments.

  1. Framing is constructed using poor quality materials.

This is perhaps the most prevalent reason for framing problems; the materials being used are simply sub-standard, which can cause all kinds of problems later down the road. At Nisbet-Brower, we offer superior engineered wood products that are both durable and reliable, so that the quality of your framing projects will reflect your high standards.

As you can see, there’s a lot to be said for using quality materials and doing the job right the first time. By refusing to cut corners and utilizing the proper methods and materials to do a quality job the first time around, you can prevent a large percentage of framing problems from happening, which will preserve your professional reputation and keep your clients happy.