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replacement windowsContractors are often called upon to offer professional opinions to homeowners who need various types of repair work done on their houses. One of the most common repair needs for many homeowners is windows, and while there are some cases where the need to replace a window is readily apparent (e.g., vandalism, storm damage, etc.), at other times it may not be so obvious without performing a closer assessment.

So what are some sure signs that it’s time to recommend replacement windows to your client? Use these tips and suggestions to help you advise on what type of situations may call for replacement windows.

1. If windows regularly accumulate moisture on the interior side, or if they leak air or water based on external weather conditions, this is a good indication that it’s time to get them replaced. Windows with worn-out or misaligned seals can allow water to seep into the home, which if left unchecked can lead to mildew or mold damage. In addition, if you can stand beside a window and feel air seeping in from the outside, that’s a clear sign of an air leak, which can hamper the energy efficiency of a home and wreak havoc on heating and cooling costs. The bottom line is that if the weather outside is constantly finding its way inside, it’s definitely time for replacement windows.

2. Single-pane glass windows are automatic candidates for replacement. Many older homes were built with single-pane glass windows because there was no better window technology available at the time, but as more and more innovations in window construction and design have emerged, it’s become clear that single-pane windows are not very energy efficient at all.

Not only are these windows typically more fragile than newer window designs, but they can also often freeze open or shut in extreme temperatures. The cost savings on energy bills alone is reason enough to feel confident in recommending replacement windows to clients whose homes still feature single-pane glass windows.

1. Many homeowners have to “fight” with their windows just to raise or lower them, while others have a hard time securing or locking their windows due to inefficient or worn-out hardware. Not only are stubborn windows a nuisance to deal with in terms of opening, closing and/or locking, but they can be a liability when it comes to various safety concerns (e.g., burglary, fire, etc.) as well. Simply put, if the windows are difficult or even unsafe to use, that’s a prime reason to replace them with new, hassle-free windows.

2. If your client’s home is near an airport, railroad track or heavy-traffic area, noise pollution is more than likely a nagging problem. Replacing your client’s current windows with laminated glass or dual-pane windows can greatly reduce the transmission of exterior noise into the home, giving them greater peace and quiet indoors.

Whatever your window replacement needs may be, Nisbet Brower offers an extensive selection of window types and styles to match virtually any project specifications. Contact us today to see how our experienced team of building professionals can help you with your next replacement window project.