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front door first impressionMore than perhaps any other architectural element, the front door gives visitors a good idea of what they can expect when they enter a home. Every aspect and detail of the front door–i.e., the size, color, shape, hardware, materials, etc.–provides clues regarding the style and personality of the homeowner. As a builder or contractor, you’re well aware that the type of front door you choose for your project will make an important visual statement, and it will also add significant value and curb appeal to a home.

Whether your front door will feature an eye-catching paint color, a unique shape or amazing architectural detail, giving due attention to this critical element of a home’s exterior is necessary if you want to make memorable first impressions. Below are some ideas to consider as you narrow down which front door you will choose for your next project.


While there are strong adherents on all sides when it comes to determining the “best” front door color, the most important thing to remember is that the color you choose should be a good aesthetic match in light of the other colors and architectural details on the home’s exterior. Choose a color that will mesh well with the color of the brick or siding, and if there are shutters or other prominent accents, be sure to take those into consideration as well when choosing an agreeable color.


If you choose to go with a wooden door, there are several excellent wood species to choose from including oak, cherry, mahogany, juniper, alder, walnut, etc., or you can opt for a multi-wood combination. Glass panels and door lites are also a popular choice for front doors, because they allow more natural light into the home. In addition, accents such as clavos, straps, speakeasies, or wrought iron grilles can add a spark of character and personality to a front door.

When it comes to choosing materials and accents for your front door, the same rules apply: Be sure that your selections make sense in light of the surrounding colors and details of the home’s exterior.

Don’t Forget the Finer Details

Details such as the front door’s decorative hardware and house numbers can sometimes be a make-or-break in terms of providing the door with aesthetic appeal. Choose doorknobs and door knockers that adequately complement the overall style of the front door (and the home itself). As far as house numbers go, you’ll want to completely avoid the stick-on kind; instead, invest in quality house numbers that are clearly legible from the street and visually appropriate for the overall look of the home.

As the old saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and without a doubt this mindset is part of what motivates you to deliver the best quality to your clients. As you’re considering which materials, colors and accents to choose for your front door, allow Nisbet Brower’s team of experienced building professionals to help you work through the various pros and cons of each available option. Investing your time and attention into these vital details will pay off in the long run by adding distinction to your projects, and enabling your clients to make great first impressions on their visitors and guests.