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One of the most effective ways to elevate the beauty and character of a living space is to install stylish architectural details using custom molding and trim. Below are some tried-and-true molding and trimwork ideas that will help you make a visual statement that your clients will love.

1. Crown Molding

Crown molding is one of the most popular choices to add character and detail to the otherwise nondescript intersection of a room’s walls and ceiling. You can use crown molding as a transition piece to a shelf or mantle, or you can combine different moldings in order to create a “compound” molding. One good installation tip to remember is that when you first bring crown molding into a home, let it sit for a couple of days before installing so that the wood can get acclimated to the relative humidity of its new environment.

2. Baseboard

This important category of millwork enables you to embellish the area where floors and walls meet. Although baseboard is seemingly easy to overlook, it’s one of those elements that are sorely missed when absent. High baseboard (e.g., 8-10 inches) is often preferable for homeowners, but remember to take ceiling height into account so that you keep everything in its proper proportion. If you’re installing baseboard in a room that has hardwood floors, you can also add shoe molding to bring an extra touch of eye-grabbing detail to the installation.

3. Box Beams

When you’re pondering what trimwork to add to a space, don’t forget about the ceiling! Keep in mind that the ceiling is one of the largest flat surfaces in a room, and it can also be one of the blandest details of a room when left alone. You can create a coffered ceiling effect using hollow box beams in order to add more substance and visual interest to this important yet often-neglected element of a room.

4. Wainscoting

This uber-popular technique utilizes wood paneling to add an eye-grabbing decorative accent to the lower areas of walls in a room. There are dozens of designs and treatment types to choose from (e.g., raised panel, tongue-and-groove, etc.), all of which can lend a more formal or upscale feel to a living space.

5. Picture Framing

Picture framing refers to adding strips of molding to wall spaces of all kinds in order to create depth and texture on what would otherwise be a plain, flat surface. You can use picture framing to emphasize spaces between or above windows and doors, and they can also be used in order to highlight art placement on a wall. This classic look can complement a wide variety of architectural styles, but you must adopt a measured approach – e.g., keeping edges aligned and spaces between frames uniform – in order to maximize its effect.

A few well-placed millwork treatments can transform a humdrum room into a captivating living space. If you want to provide the highest quality millwork for your clients, Nisbet Brower can help. As a building materials supplier in Cincinnati, OH, we have an expansive selection of in-stock designs as well as custom millwork capability that can suit practically any project requirements you have. Contact us today to find out how our team of building experts can help you make a unique visual statement with your next trimwork project.