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Kitchen Colors Black

If you’ve been toying with the idea of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, it’s always a good idea to consider how you want your renovated space to look, including its design and color attributes. Color is definitely one of the most important elements of any renovation, as it sets the visual tone for a space.

The right color selection can enliven and energize a kitchen or bathroom area, while the wrong choice can significantly detract from its visual appeal and your enjoyment of the room. Taking the time to read up on new kitchen and bath color trends will give you some inspiration and a fresh perspective that can influence the ultimate outcome of your renovation.

Since remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is a very personal undertaking, color choices should of course be based on your preference, but it’s always useful to find out what bathroom and kitchen color trends are on the rise. Below are some of the most popular kitchen and bathroom color trends that have emerged on the radar in 2015.

Kitchen Color Trends

1. Black

Black makes a bold statement in practically any space, and even more so when it is the dominant color in a kitchen. If having an all-white or brightly colored kitchen doesn’t quite suit your preference, it may be worth it to venture all the way to the other end of the color spectrum and opt for black cabinets or countertops. Not only will this make a smooth, bold and concise visual statement, but it will also prove to be an excellent complement to any color accents you might want to add.

2. Bold Tribal or Earth Tones

Both tribal or earth tones provide a visual representation of the diversity of rich colors found in nature. They’ve become quite the hot item in modern kitchens, displaying a unique aesthetic that’s rooted in the rich palate of Moroccan and Native American art. Mustard yellow, royal blue and deep scarlet lend an earthy yet energetic feel to a kitchen.

3. Minimalist White

Taking the complete opposite approach from the two previous ideas, minimalist white has seen an uptick in popularity recently due to its clean, uncomplicated aesthetic. Combining white cabinetry with white appliances will definitely offer an un-fussy and uncluttered look to your cooking zone.

4. Warm Metallics

Most people are familiar with the use of stainless steel, chrome or silver in the kitchen, but warm luxe metallics such as copper, bronze and gold have recently come into favor among kitchen designers due to their rich and welcoming hues. The eye-catching finish of warm metallics also adds a significant amount of texture that can complement several different palette choices.

Bathroom Color Trends

1. Shades of Gray

Although colors such as beige, blue and white are perennial favorites, the National Kitchen and Bath Association recently reported that gray has experienced a surge in popularity, becoming the fastest growing shade for the bathroom so far in 2015.

2. Natural Colors

Many homeowners are bringing the beauty of nature indoors by incorporating natural colors such as stone or wood-looking tiles into their bathroom decor. This helps bring a soft, serene and easygoing vibe into a space that’s traditionally somewhat “hard.” Other common elements that bring natural colors into the bathroom are various recycled, upcycled and reclaimed materials, which not only provide a sense of warmth to the space, but they fall into perfect alignment with the growing trend of sustainable living.

3. Colored Grout

One of the most interesting bathroom color trends to surface in 2015 has been the introduction of colored grout. For example, black grout alongside white tiles really helps to highlight the pattern of the tile, and it provides the eye with an attention-grabbing visual contrast. Many design experts are predicting that colored grout along with tiles cut in various geometric shapes will continue to increase in popularity in 2015.

4. Colored LED Lighting

Colored LED lights have become all the rage in bathroom design circles, because it gives homeowners the ability to add accents of color to a bathroom without having to pick up a paint roller. For example, an LED backlit vanity that alternates between an assortment of cool colors (e.g., blue, aquamarine, etc.) can provide a visually stunning splash of color to any bathroom space.

Many of the latest kitchen and bathroom color trends are what some designers have termed to be “instant classics,” while others are revivals of certain color trends from previous years. Keep the above ideas in mind when considering what type of colors you want to implement into your kitchen or bath remodeling project, and let your imagination run wild!