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Structural Integrity From the Ground Up: A Deep Dive Into Floor Truss Manufacturing

As a dedicated floor truss manufacturer, we at Nisbet Brower recognize the fundamental significance of floor trusses in the construction landscape. These unassuming yet indispensable elements are the foundation that keeps the structural integrity of every home and infrastructure.

So, as we delve into the intricate world of floor trusses, we invite you to join us on a journey that uncovers their profound importance, explores their manufacturing intricacies, and highlights their unparalleled value in projects not only in Cincinnati but also across the broader construction spectrum.

The Value Proposition: Are Floor Trusses Worth the Money?

In construction, decisions made at the outset can have an impact for decades. As conscientious floor truss manufacturers, we firmly believe that the investment in quality floor trusses is a strategic choice that yields enduring benefits.

The initial cost might appear slightly high, but it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind and longevity that come with structurally superior trusses.

At Nisbet Brower, we’ve observed firsthand the consequences of opting for subpar alternatives. These include increased maintenance costs, compromised safety, and the potential for structural failures.

To combat these negative effects, our dedication to excellence is exemplified by every project we undertake, demonstrating the durability, resilience, and inimitable value of our meticulously crafted floor trusses.

Exploring the Best Types of Floor Trusses

If there’s one thing you need to know, the world of floor trusses is diverse. The different types of trusses available on the market are each tailored to specific architectural and functional demands. So, to help you narrow down your search and select the perfect materials for your building, here are some of our top recommendations.

Nisbet Brower’s Recommendations

Drawing upon our experience as seasoned floor truss manufacturers, we are thrilled to share insights into these truss types and their respective advantages.

    • Parallel Chord Trusses: These versatile trusses are a staple in construction, offering exceptional load-bearing capabilities and adaptability to a range of designs and configurations.

    • Scissor Trusses: A balance of form and function, these trusses inject architectural beauty into spaces with cathedral ceilings or vaulted designs. They transform interiors into breathtaking havens while maintaining unwavering structural integrity.

    • Long-Span Trusses: Engineered to conquer impressive distances without compromising stability, these trusses are the solution for achieving expansive, open spaces that inspire awe.

  • Engineered Wood Trusses: Engineered wood trusses represent a pinnacle of innovation in modern construction. These carefully crafted components are designed to surpass the limitations of traditional framing methods, offering a host of advantages — like strength and load distribution, consistency, customization, cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and longevity — that make them an integral choice for builders and architects alike.

Each of these truss types brings its unique strengths to the construction tableau, and our team at Nisbet Brower stands ready to assist you in selecting the truss type that harmonizes perfectly with your project’s aspirations.

Spanning the Distance: Can Floor Trusses Span 32 Feet?

Aside from the various materials to choose from, the engineering prowess encapsulated within floor trusses is another factor to consider. With their innate ability to span significant distances while minimizing the need for obstructive support columns, these trusses are the epitome of efficiency.

Nisbet Brower’s Expertise in Long-Span Trusses

Nisbet Brower’s legacy as a proficient manufacturer of long-span trusses is underscored by our involvement in projects demanding spans of 32 feet and beyond. Through rigorous engineering and an unwavering commitment to safety, we have consistently delivered solutions that uphold stability even across sweeping expanses, transforming architectural visions into tangible reality.

Cost Analysis: Is It Cheaper To Buy Trusses or Build Them?

Now that you know what benefits are found in floor trusses, the next question you need to ask is: should you buy or build them?

The choice between purchasing pre-made trusses versus embarking on on-site construction is a pivotal one. Drawing from our extensive experience as floor truss manufacturers, let’s further dissect this question that boils down to one major factor: cost.

Breaking Down the Costs

When it comes to the financial considerations of truss acquisition, two main avenues emerge: buying pre-made trusses or constructing them on-site. Although the upfront cost of building trusses on-site might appear more substantial, a deeper examination reveals a nuanced interplay of factors that influence the overall expense.

  • Labor Costs:

Building trusses on-site involves a substantial investment of labor hours. Skilled labor is required not only for the actual construction but also for the precise measurements, cutting, assembly, and installation. These hours can accumulate swiftly, leading to increased labor costs that might outweigh the initial savings.

  • Material Costs:

Crafting trusses on-site demands a considerable quantity of raw materials. These materials are often purchased in bulk, potentially resulting in surplus materials that contribute to additional costs. In contrast, purchasing pre-made trusses from a specialized manufacturer like Nisbet Brower ensures precise material usage and minimal wastage.

  • Time Factor:

Time is a currency in construction, and on-site truss construction demands a substantial investment of it. Delays in construction schedules due to unforeseen complexities or labor shortages can have cascading effects on project timelines. On the flip side, pre-made trusses are manufactured with precision and delivered when needed, streamlining project schedules and potentially accelerating project completion.

Nisbet Brower’s Cost-Efficient Solutions

Our experience in floor truss manufacturing has afforded us unique insights into the cost dynamics of truss acquisition. We understand that while upfront costs are a pivotal consideration, the long-term impact on project timelines, labor resources, and material efficiency cannot be overlooked.

At Nisbet Brower, our commitment to delivering cost-efficient solutions is at the core of our approach as trusted floor truss manufacturers. So, with a focus on optimizing the upfront investment, long-term value, and quality of structural hardware, we have tailored our offerings to empower builders in Cincinnati with truss solutions that redefine excellence in every sense.

Through this, we have received positive testimonials from satisfied clients throughout the years.


Construction projects hinge on the steadfastness of their underpinnings. At Nisbet Brower, our expertise as floor truss manufacturers enables us to engineer and produce trusses that excel in maintaining structural stability.

The meticulous design, quality materials, and precise craftsmanship that characterize our trusses ensure that they meet the demands of ambitious architectural projects while upholding safety and reliability standards.

When considering long-span solutions for your construction endeavors, rest assured that our floor trusses can indeed provide the necessary support while allowing for the creation of aesthetically pleasing, unobstructed spaces.

Contact us today to obtain high-quality floor trusses for your next project.


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