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Expert Installation

Installed sales customers, like any building or remodeling customer, demand excellent work and premium service. This is precisely why entrusting an installation to an unqualified or untrained contractor can cause a litany of problems and complaints. At Nisbet Brower, we have the knowledge, expertise and time-tested experience to see an installation through to completion with minimal hassle or headaches. We offer installed sales services for a wide variety of building supply products, including:


  • Single and Multi Family Framing

  • Interior Trim – Moulding, Interior Doors, Cabinets, Millwork

  • Exterior Trim – Moulding, Siding, Exterior Doors

  • Countertops – Laminate, Cultured Marble, Solid Surface, Quartz, Granite

  • Windows – New Construction Only




Nisbet Brower brings more than 130 years’ worth of experience to the table to provide you with expert advice and top-notch building supplies to make your next installation project as smooth as possible. When you partner with us for your next project, rest assured that we will provide competent and professional insight–as well as a state-of-the-art integrated management platform–to keep the installation process operating like a well-oiled machine.

Our experienced and dedicated team has the insight you need to help you find the right building supplies for your next installation project, no matter how big or small it may be. Our team can help you save time and money up front by anticipating any potential challenges with your project, and then offering expert assistance to help overcome them. With our extensive knowledge of building construction and design, we can offer valuable insight regarding selecting the types of building supplies that will be architecturally appropriate for your installation project, and that will also suit the preferences and budget of your clients.

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